Upload Photos Like Instagram and Get Paid Like YouTube


We all have social media accounts and we spend hours daily on these platforms. Also, wecan take good pictures and upload them onInstagram accounts for the sake of likes and comments.

What if you can get paid for uploading photos just like YouTube?Stylike has introduced the concept of getting paid for taking photos and uploading them on the app.

Stylike is a web 3 application backed by FTVIO and Fashion TV. filled with challenges and tournaments in which you take photos based on the themes you get daily.

Social media websites like Instagram do not pay users for uploading photos. With Stylike users earn daily income just for uploading photos and completing their daily tasks. YouTube on the other side pays users for monetizing their videos which is tedious and takes a lot of effort to get 1000 views. For the majority of the countries, you will get only $0.05 – $0.1 for 1000 views which is nothing considering the effort and time it takes to create a video.

To earn money on Stylike users take part in daily competitions where each competition is accompanied by various tasks. Users have 24 hours to participate in the competition. All tasks are related to fashion and rewards are given after 24 hours of completion.

Fashion lovers who spend a lot of time on Instagram uploading stories and photos can now earn up to $96 daily by uploading their photos and completing simple tasks. It takes less than ten minutes to complete all tasks on Stylike which makes it better than Instagram and YouTube.

Turn your passion for style into something productive and earn daily income with play to earn application. Stylike is the first dress to earn a web 3.0 application that aims to promote modern-day fashion. So not only good luck but also receive a reward for their Style.